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We need your help!

There are a handful of ways to get involved at the SIC. You can apply to become an SIC staff member, you can become a volunteer clinic driver through our free ride program, you can volunteer to distribute condoms and Plan B on campus, you can submit to our blog, or you can make a donation to support our services. Learn more below!



The SIC is always looking for folks with fresh ideas and perspectives to help us keep our organization going strong!

If you’re interested in counseling your peers on sex/gender/sexuality-related concerns, selling and giving out safer sex supplies & gender-affirming items, coordinating sexual health justice programming, and maybe even teaching SexCo yourself, here is what you must do:

*Please note that we are only able to hire Oberlin College students at this time.

  1. Complete SexCo I and Counseling Roleplays. Fulfill all course requirements, regardless of how many credits you are registered for. Doing well on assignments and attending all classes and Roleplay sessions will GREATLY increase your chances of being prepared to take on the responsibility of being an SIC Staffer. If you miss any Roleplay sessions during the semester, you are required to make them up during office hours, with any available staffer.

  2. ​Fill out an application. Applications will be handed out by the last day of SexCo, and are due during reading period. Applications consist of a series of written questions designed to get a sense of who you are, why you want to work at the SIC, and how you'll be an asset to the organization. Late applications will not be accepted. Any questions about what we’re looking for can be directed to an SIC Staffer.

  3. Get an interview. Once you’ve turned in your application, you may be selected for an interview. The interview consists of a review of your application, 3 "info-raps" (questions intended to quiz you on the topics you learned about in SexCo I), and a counseling simulation to assess the skills you learned in Roleplays. The entire interview usually takes about 1-1.5 hours. You will be notified about our decision after all the applicants have been interviewed.

You are more than welcome to email us at, or drop by during office hours, to ask any questions about becoming an SIC Staffer. We love to hear from you. Good luck!


The Sexual Information Center is seeking volunteer drivers!!!

Are you interested in helping out at the SIC, without necessarily becoming a staffer? Becoming a volunteer driver is a great way to get involved with a low time-commitment. Lack of reliable transportation is one of the BIGGEST barriers to sexual/reproductive healthcare access. Even just a few hours per month would be an incredible help to our organization!

Volunteer drivers will drive people to and from their sexual/reproductive health appointments. Destinations may include clinics in Elyria, Lorain, or Cleveland. Volunteer drivers commit to maintaining confidentiality, and providing non-judgmental support during transportation. You need not be affiliated with Oberlin College to sign up!

At this time, we can ONLY accept volunteer drivers who: 1) Have a valid driver's license; 2) Have a car; and 3) Do NOT require reimbursement. Please do not sign up if you cannot meet ALL 3 of these requirements.

Thank you!


The Sexual Information Center is seeking volunteers!

We currently have a need for volunteer involvement in keeping our free condom bins & free Plan B bins filled throughout the semester. Our free condom & Plan B bins are located in Mudd Library, the Conservatory Library, and the Science Center Atrium. Each location has 1 free condom bin and 1 free Plan B bin. We ask that our volunteers commit to refilling 1, 2, or all 3 of these locations on a weekly basis.

Hours are SUPER flexible! You can tailor your volunteering schedule to your individual needs.

Fill out the form below to get started!


Have something to say? Is it about gender, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, queerness, transness, romance, pleasure, hook-up culture, reproductive health, reproductive justice, birth justice, sexual health, sexual justice, pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, abortion, menstruation, relationships, consent, bodies, community accountability, the medical industrial complex, desirability politics, dismantling white supremacy, feminism, polyamory, porn, sex work, safer sex practices, contraception, STIs, survivor support, bodily autonomy, sexual/reproductive resources, taking action, or ANY OTHER THING?

Submit to our blog!

We'll review your blog submission, and contact you if and when we decide to post it. To check out our previous blog posts, CLICK HERE.

Blog posts can count as SexCo majigs OR SexCo final projects.


We are always in need of generous folks like you! You can make a donation today, to help us purchase essential items like the morning-after pill, condoms, binders, gaffs, packers, dental dams, lubes, books, and more. Your donation can also help us bring educational presentations and trainings to campus, as well as support our fellow student artists and activists, and ensure that our staffers are reimbursed for their vital work. You are welcome to make cash or check donations. Checks can be made out to the Oberlin College Sexual Information Center, and sent to our address:

Oberlin College Sexual Information Center

135 W Lorain Street, Room 203

Oberlin, OH 44074

We also welcome donations of condoms and other safer sex supplies. We thank you for your support! Please email us at with any questions, or contact us by clicking the button below.

Your support is what keeps us going. Thank you!