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SexCo I, SexCo II, & Counseling Roleplays

The SIC teaches two courses through the ExCo program: SexCo I and II. We also teach an additional counseling skills course: Roleplays. These courses are open to all Oberlin College students as well as community members outside of Oberlin College. If you are an Oberlin College student, you may take SexCo I and SexCo II for either 0 or 2 credit-hours each. Roleplays are not offered for credit.

SexCo I is a comprehensive sexuality education course covering topics such as gender, contraception, STIs, anatomy, abortion, pregnancy, consent, and sexualized violence. If you are interested in applying to become an SIC Staffer, you must take SexCo I before you apply.

SexCo II builds off of the basics learned in SexCo I while focusing on the social and political implications of the subject matter, with the goal of agitating for justice. SexCo II is not required for prospective SIC Staffers, but it is highly recommended.

Counseling Roleplays, offered concurrently with the SexCo courses, is a semester-long counseling course which prepares students for peer support roles on- and off-campus. The Roleplays course is also required for prospective SIC Staffers; however, you need not be interested in applying to work at the SIC in order to take Counseling Roleplays. While Roleplays are designed for students simultaneously enrolled in SexCo I, we also accept students not enrolled in SexCo I if additional space is available.

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SexCo I is offered through the Oberlin College ExCo program, and is open to all college and community members. SexCo I can be audited or taken for college credit. This comprehensive sexuality education course is designed to present information on as many aspects of sexuality and sexual health as can be covered in 12 weeks.
Not your high school sex ed!


While SexCo I provides a broad survey of gender, anatomy, contraception, relationships, and more, SexCo II focuses on the social and political implications of these topics. SexCo II is also offered through Oberlin College's ExCo program, and can be either audited or taken for college credit. SexCo I is a recommended prerequisite for this course, but it is not required. We are looking for students who are excited and willing to critically engage with the material in a group setting.



This course is a guide to peer support basics relating to gender, sex, and sexuality, and is offered outside of the Oberlin College ExCo program. Roleplays are intended to teach students effective strategies for support-work in a client-centered, non-judgemental, and options-based manner. Roleplays give students the chance to apply the information they've learned in SexCo by playing the role of both clients and counselors, in an intimate classroom setting where they receive personalized feedback from SIC Staffers and their peers.

Our sexuality education courses are taught with the intention of increasing accessibility to informational resources, busting stigma, celebrating self love & body positivity, prioritizing racial & reproductive justice, and fighting for trans-centered & trans-inclusive spaces in sexual health justice.

We generally offer multiple sections of SexCo I and Counseling Roleplays every semester, and we offer SexCo II at least once a year. If you are interested in signing up for any of our sex ed courses, email the SIC at, or check our Facebook page for updates on how to enroll in the next course cycle.

Our sex ed courses are just one of many ways in which the SIC engages in community education. To learn more about our additional programming in sexual health, sexual health justice, reproductive justice, gender justice, sexuality education, community accountability, and more, check out our workshops and events by clicking the button below.